Tuesday, April 20, 2010


तरी संभावने जियें । जो मानाची वाट पाहे । सत्कारे होये । तोषु जया ॥
One who is always waiting for opportunities by which he'll earn respect from other people. One who becomes happy if other people honour him.

गर्वें पर्वताची शिखरे । तैसा महत्त्वावरूनि नुतरे । तयाचिया ठायी पुरे । अज्ञान आहे ॥
his ego is as high as mountain tops, he also does not get down (does not want to get down ) from the positions of importance, such man can be said to have no-knowledge.

आणि स्वधर्माची मांगळी । बांधे वाचेच्या पिंपळी । उभिला जैसा देउळीं । जाणोनि कुंचा ॥
and he is always  talking about how nicely he is performing his duties (all good things he has done in his duties, are always on his mouth) as a broom is kept in front, knowingly, in a temple.

घाली विद्येचा पसारा । सुये सुकृताचा डांगोरा । करी तेतुलें मोहरा । स्फीतीचिया ॥
he gains lot of knowledge and keeps telling about his good deeds, he does everything for the sake of money and fame.

आणि फुंके भाता फुगे । रेचिलिया सवेचि उफगे । तैसा संयोगवियोगे । चढे वोहटे ॥
as भाता (a tool used in olden times), when we blow it with air, it goes up and then it comes down when air is gone, in the same way, he becomes happy if things which are favourable to him happen and sad when unfavourable things happen.

पडली वार्‍याचिया वळसा । धुळी चढे आकाशा । हरिखा वळघे तैसा । स्तुतीवेळे ॥
as dust reaches skies when a it comes into grip of air (or storm), in the same way he becomes very very happy when people praise him.

निंदा मोटकी आइके । आणि कपाळ धरुनि ठाके । थेंबे विरे वारेनि शोखे । चिखलु जैसा ॥
and when hears people condemning him, he becomes very sad, just like mud, which get wet when in touch with water and becomes dry when in touch with air.

तैसा मानापमानीं होये । जो कोण्हीची उर्मी न साहे । तयाच्या ठायी आहे । अज्ञान पुरे ॥

तरी आंगे कर्मे ढिला । जो मनें विकल्पे भरला । अडवीचा अवगळला । कुहा जैसा ॥ - आडरानातील गाळाने भरलेली विहीर
he is lazy when he needs to do some bodily work (hard work), his mind is always filled with different options (i.e. he never sticks to one thing), he is like a well in the jungle which is filled with lot of mud.

तया तोंडी कांटिवडे । आंतु नुसधी हाडे । अशुचि तेणें पाडें । सबाह्य जो ॥
he talks harsh words, he is not clean inwardly as well as outwardly.

आणि स्वार्थें अळुमाळें । जो धैर्यापासोनि चळे । जैसें तृणबीज ढळे । मुंगियेचेनी ॥
and he loses his patience when things do not go his way, as an ant is able move a piece of grain.

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