Sunday, June 14, 2015

सात्विक धैर्य - On Pure Determination/Firmness

तरी उदेलिया दिनकरु | चोरीसि थोके अंधारु | का राजाज्ञा अव्यवहारु | कुंठवी जेवी ||
नाना पवनाचा साटु | वाजीनलिया नीटु | आंगेसी बोभाटु | सांडिती मेघ ||
का अगस्तिचेनि दर्शने | सिंधु घेऊनि ठाती मौने | चंद्रोदयी कमळवने | मिठी देती ||
हे असो पावो उचलिला | मदमुख न ठेविती खाला | गर्जोनि पुढा जाला | सिंहु जरी ||
तैसा जो धीरु | उठलिया अंतरु | मनादिके व्यापारु | सांडिती उभी ||

As when sun rises in the sky, all the darkness goes away and no more thefts happen, or when King's order is there, illegal works stop, or when powerful wind is there, clouds stop making sounds (no more lightenings in the sky) and the clouds whither
away, or when the ocean sees sage Agasti (sage who had drunk the whole ocean), it becomes totally silent out of fear, or when in the night moon comes out, lotus flowers close their petals, moreover, even mad elephants, do not put down their foot which they had lifted in air while walking if they find roaring lion coming towards 
them, in the same way the determination/firmness which when rises inside us, mind  and others stop all the business of their own.
Here Saint Dnyaneshwar has given beautiful similes to explain the pure determination/patience. He wants to convey that this Dhairya is so strong that when it rises inside us, it has full control over the mind and brain. All act under its order i.e. whole of the body and senses work towards fulfiling this determination. He further says, when such Dhairya or determination rises inside us - 

इन्द्रियां विषयांचिया गांठी | अपैसया सुटती किरीटी | मन मायेच्या पोटी | रिगती दाही ||
संकल्पविकल्पांचे लुगडे | सांडूनि मन उघडे | बुद्धि मागिलेकडे | उगीचि बैसे ||
ऐसी धैर्यराजे जेणे | मन प्राण करणे | स्वचेष्टांची संभाषणे | सांडविजती ||
ते गा धृती येथे | सात्विक हे निरुते | आईक अर्जुनाते| श्रीकांतु म्हणे ||

senses stop indulging in the objects of gratification, their strong relation breaks up. All the ten senses go back and hide into the mind which is mother of the senses. Mind too drops the clothes of different subtle ideas and sits quitely behind the brain. Such is the king Dhairya that mind, brain stop their own senseless talks. O dear Arjun, this Dhairya is the Pure dhairya, says Srikant (Lord Krishna).
Saint Dnyaneshwar further explains that one is full of satwik or pure determination, his senses stop indulging in the gratification i.e. they do not get distracted due to any lust or attraction. Mind also stays firm and does not bring about any new/subtle ideas to distract the determination. Such is the glory of Satvik Dhairya or pure/noble determination/firmness.

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